Zuckerberg sued again

Wowsers. Some trends are undeniable: pop music is getting worse; take-away food is getting better; and lawsuits against Facebook are getting siller.

Paul Ceglia's suit might be the silliest yet. Like others before him, he's claiming that he was vital to the creation of Facebook and that he's entitled to own a large chunk of the company. But while Eduardo Saverin was literally there at the conception of Facebook, and the Winklevoss twins may have given Mark Zuckerberg the idea for the social network, Ceglia's claim is that he... did some design work for the site in 2003. And how much is he claiming in exchange for this work - for which Zuckerberg paid him $1000?

84% of the company. By most counts, that's over $60 billion dollars. It's as if he watched The Social Network and thought, 'a billion dollars isn't cool. You know what's cool? 60 billion dollars.'

This might sound like the kind of frivolous nonsense that even the US courts throw out. But somehow, Ceglia has been granted a court date by the US justice system. A federal court will now hear his claim. At taxpayers' expense. Sheesh.

We look forward to the lawsuit from the people behind Friendster arguing that they own Facebook because their failed social network laid the groundwork. That would actually make more sense.

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