The new ZTE Grand S

The new ZTE Grand S was recently unveiled last January 8, 2013 at the latest Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. It is the ZTE’s first FHD phone and is touted as the “thinnest” of 5-inch quadcore FHD phones. Let us take a look at the outstanding features of the device and see how it measures up to existing "phablets" in the market.

An introduction to the Grand S

  • Specs

Primarily targetted as a high end premium product for the Grand Series, the ZTE Grand S is powered by ‘Qualcomm's Snapdragon S4 Pro processor’ which should make it blazing fast in speed. It has a rich 1920 x 1080 pixel-resolution making everything you see on the screen outstanding and amazing. Like Sony’s Xperia Z it is also fitted with a 13MP rear and 2MP front camera. The Grand S is enabled to take 1080p videos. It uses 4G (LTE) for data handling and communication which makes download times quick. The Grand S works on an Android (JellyBean) OS. Its 5-inch FHD touch screen is capable of displaying full websites while Dolby Digital Sound Memory enhances user experience while listening and watching videos. Storage is at 2GB RAM plus 16GB with a micro-SD slot. There’s even a ‘Palm Manager’ for software, hardware, and data protection.

  • Issues

Early techies who visited the CES reported a few issues with the new ZTE gadget. The real problem it seems is the battery life. Grand S uses a 1780 mAh battery which might not be enough to power its rich resolution screen or run multi-apps at the same time. Then there’s the unresponsiveness of the touch screen which can be due to OS issues or hardware problems.


The ZTE Grand S is available for online purchase in China during the first quarter of this year with an eventual release in the US and other markets. There is no word yet on the price, so it’s difficult to gauge if the Grand S is worthy of a purchase or not given the issues mentioned. But one thing is sure, it is a beautiful “phablet” with an amazing screen resolution and it has all the trappings of a premium smartphone.

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