Zoom zoom zoom

How fast is your broadband? 10Mb per second? 20Mb? Maybe 50, if you're a posh Virgin Media customer?

Well, forget it, kiddie. You're yesterday's news. Virgin Media has just started trying out a new broadband service in London's Old Street area - that offers a frankly absurd 1.5Gb per second.

Now, let's be clear - that's gigabits, not gigabytes. A gigabit is one-eighth of a gigabyte, or about 125 megabytes. But hey, 125MB is still a heck of a lot to have streaming down your pipes every second - you could download a film in a few seconds.

That's the good news. The bad news is, this is very much a trial, and only for select high-tech customers. Why Old Street? Because that's the heart of the technology hub affectionately nicknamed 'Silicon Roundabout.'

Still, it's always good to see tech moving on. With 4G mobile expected to provide speeds of 100Mbps or more, hard-wired broadband needs to improve to keep up.

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