Zoom zoom zoom

Ooh, hello. We like a new Samsung or LG phone as much as the next tech-lover, but sometimes it's smaller companies who really raise the bar on specs. Like this new A8 cameraphone - or maybe it'd be better called a phonecamera, as it's more impressive at snapping than chatting.

Made by unknown Chinese manufacturer Aigo, the A8 features a whopping great 14-megapixel camera. That's better than many standalone compact cameras, and almost triple the quality of the iPhone 4 and many other phones.

But that's not all - it also packs a 3x optical zoom. That's right, a real zoom, not one which just blows-up a corner of your photograph. We reckon this'd make a fine camera even if it didn't also double as an Android smartphone.

The bad news is, we doubt this'll ever make it outside China. But hopefully it'll help push larger manufacturers to raise their game. We'd like to be able to finally ditch our compact camera, thank you very much...

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