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Ah, Firefox. We loved you for a long time. You had cool features, you were trendily open source, and we were always fond of your orange logo. But then we installed a bunch of plug-ins, and you got bloated and slow. Then Google Chrome came along, and it was so fast and sooo sexy. And we kind of lost interest in you.

Well, we may be back! We hear you're moving a little faster these days...

Yes (let's drop this laboured pretence of talking to a piece of software now). The latest beta of Firefox 4 - number 7 - is out and it's fast. After focusing on features for the preceding six (!) versions, Mozilla have focused on speed and performance for this version. They say they've more than doubled the browser's performance in various nifty speed tests.

All in all, Firefox 4 is shaping up to be super-sexy. Google, your move...

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