Zombie action

Valve has announced that there’s going to be lots of new fun to be had with Left 4 Dead 2, with the news that new downloadable content is going to be made available next spring, including the survivors from the original game. The Passing is set after the Dead Center campaign of L4D2, and will also include lots nice new content for multiplayer zombie smashing too.

‘The Passing brings the original Left 4 Dead survivors down south for a meeting with the L4D2 cast,’ said Valve. ‘While delivering new single-player, multiplayer and co-operative gameplay.

‘Set in a small town in rural Georgia, players assume the role of the L4D2 Survivors as they meet with the L4D1 characters. In addition to the new co-operative campaign and associated narrative, The Passing will include new arenas for Survival, Versus and Scavenge mode and introduce a new co-operative challenge mode of play. The Passing will also include a new “uncommon common” zombie class, melee weapon, and firearm.'

‘The Passing will become the most important campaign in the Left 4 Dead story, as all the Survivors are being called together in one campaign,’ said Doug Lombardi, VP of marketing at Valve. ‘It will also be a huge offering of new gameplay content, with something new for every game mode plus a new uncommon common and weaponry.’

As yet we don’t have any pricing guides from the publishers, but rest assured it will probably cost a cartload on the consoles and nothing if you have the game on the PC. Keep that in mind.

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