Zedge app for Android: an overview

Zedge is a popular mobile app that had more than 75 million users by the end of 2013. The app allows you to download free wallpapers, ringtones and games to your mobile device. There are reasons why Zedge app for Android has been one of the top 15 apps in the Google Play and Android market since 2010.

Zedge headline features

Unlike many android apps, Zedge app for Android is free and gives you access to high quality ringtones and notification sounds, not to mention HD wallpapers that are optimised for you device.Some cool features of Zedge include ability to set HD wallpapers directly through the app and support for all kinds of notifications, including contact ringtones and default ringtones. It also allows you to synchronise your downloaded items and live sync them to your online favorites. In addition, you can set wallpapers to change automatically using a cool built-in widget for an enhanced user experience.

Zedge Interface

The latest Zedge version 4.0 comes with a sleek interface that is simple to navigate with a handy category selector and sort tool that allows for easy sifting through of Zedge's massive database of ringtones, wallpaper and notification sounds. Anything you find in the database you can download and share on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, or any other supported app.

Some people have privacy concerns with using Zedge. However, Zedge provides a link in the app you can follow to read the company’s privacy policy and decide whether you agree with the terms of use. Make sure you read the terms carefully and are comfortable with them before you agree to use the app.

Overall verdict

Overall, Zedge app for android is a winner. It is free to download and has an impressive database of high-quality ringtones, wallpaper and notification sound you will love. The best part of the Zedge database is that it is updated frequently so you will never miss something that suits your style. You can download the Zedge android app from Google Play at www.play.google.com/store/apps.

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