Typical! We got a Kindle at the weekend, fed up with trying to read books and articles on our tiny iPhone screen. And we love it, what with its easy-on-the-eye e-ink screen. But we do wish it had colour. And a touchscreen.

So what happens? Literally two days after we unwrap a shiny new Kindle, Chinese manufacturer Hanvon announce they're releasing the world's first colour e-ink ebook reader. And it's got a touch screen!

Just our luck.

Of course, Barnes & Noble already launched the Nook Colour, the touchscreen, full-colour update to their Nook e-reader. But that's really just an Android tablet, with a regular LCD screen, with some nifty e-book software added. A true e-book reader should have an e-ink screen, to mirror the effect of paper and let you read for hours without getting a headache.

This Hanvon device looks set to be the real deal. Mind you, it probably won't be released outside China for a looooong time yet, so perhaps we should stop whinng and enjoy our new toy.

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