YTS scheme

Social networking appears to be all the rage these days, with sites all over the place making sure there’s some sort of Facebook or Twitter presence, lest they miss out on whatever benefit it is that being Facebook and Twitter brings (that’ll be potential exposure to millions of people all over the world – Ed). But what will be the next big thing in social networking?

It could very well be YouTube Social, which allows you to watch clips at the same time as your friends and chat about what you’re watching. You pass the remote virtually by deciding who gets to control the viewing, which sounds like a bit of a lame gimmick to us, if we honest.

We’re not sure where this one will go: on regular YouTube it seems a bit pointless, especially as most clips are very short, but with YouTube Movies and the upcoming YouTube TV it could bring some communality to the proceedings. It’s certainly intriguing. Check out how it works right here.

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