You've Got Mail

Here's a handy new tool to brighten up a dreary Friday afternoon. If you're anything like us, you probably have a browser open all the time on your PC with your email open in it. If so - and if you're a GMail user - it's just got easier to know when you've got new messages just waiting for your fevered attention.

Y'see, the latest version of HTML - the language that runs the web - includes the facility for 'desktop notification.' These are little pop-ups that websites can send to your browser which appear in the bottom-right of the screen when something happens. You'll have seen something similar with Facebook Chat and GMail, but now with HTML5, you don't have to be looking at the tab in question to see the alert. (Though you do have to be looking at your browser.)

Google have activated desktop notifications for Gmail this week. Log in and you'll see a link to turn them on, and then you can switch your focus to other websites safe in the knowledge that when a new mail or chat message pops in, you'll be told.

Of course, this is of limited use if you're often looking at something other than the browser. We reckon if it's vital for you to know when you've got mail, you might be better off sticking with Google's Gmail Notifier or the Google Talk app. But if you're a browser-hog, this is an easy way for more info.

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