You've got @

Twitter, as much as we love it, has always been a strangely low-tech affair. All it essentially is is a set of pages where people write things. Sharing photos or video has traditionally been done by linking to external services (usually visiting another external service to shorten the link). Even @messages, one of the most basic elements of communication on the site, were invented by users - and it took the company some time to add a 'mentions' tab to make it easy to see who was talking to, and about, you.

Recently, though, Twitter has really got on top of things and begun adding proper new functionality to the site. They recently began shortening all links posted on Twitter.com through the company's own link shortener, t.co, doing away with the need for users to go through an outside link-shortening service. And as of this week, you can upload a photo to Twitter direct from the website without going through TwitPic or another such service.

But it's another change rolling out this week that we think has the potential to revolutionise the site. Twitter has always known which users have retweeted your tweets, and which users have labelled your tweets as 'favourites.' But it's never been very easy to keep track of it.

But this week - for some lucky users, anyway - Twitter has replaced the existing '@mentions' tab with a broader 'activity tab' which shows not only who's mentioned you, but who's followed you, retweeted one of your tweets, or marked one of your tweets as a favourite. Now, there should be much more awareness of what's going on around the site and people should know when their stuff is appreciated by others. And that can only be a good thing, right?

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