YouTube's got talent

They say the more things change, the more they stay the same - and we're starting to think they've got a point. Years ago, when Big Brother started the whole godforsaken blockbuster reality TV craze, the way you auditioned was by sending in a video tape. Then after a few series, the producers realised they could attract the right kind of attention-seeking horrorshow by having live auditions.

Talent shows, however, have gone in reverse: they started off with live auditions, and now they're letting users audition by video. But this being 2011 not 2001, the method of auditioning is not the VCR, but YouTube.

Britain's Got Talent, the annual employment programme for breakdancers, is the first of what will presumably become a Simon Cowell-sponsored trend. Applicants upload a video at a special YouTube page, and 50 of the presumably hundreds will be selected to audition in person in front of the judges. (Why you wouldn't just turn up to the auditions like normal people do, I don't know.)

Here's a video of Ant 'Punchbag' McPartlin and Dec 'Decked mate' Donnelly introducing the new venture in a cheeky Geordie fashion.

So what are you waiting for? You're not getting any more talented! Hit up YouTube and get juggling, or whatever freaky nonsense it is you do, today.

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