YouTube TV

Where next for YouTube? The Google-owned giant has sewed up the online video market, and is finally making some money for its owners. But how to move to the next stage?

Google reckons the key is quality. After all, an awful lot of the stuff on YouTube is crap - often funny crap, sure, but crap nonetheless. We'll go to the site when a friend sends us a funny video, or to listen to a piece of music. But if we want to watch a piece of crafted, quality film-making, we'll go to Vimeo.

Now YouTube plans to change that. They're reportedly investing a ton of money into commissioning specially-made programmes for the site, and reorganising it to be more clearly themed, with 'channels' for arts, sport, music and so on. Each channel would showcase the best user-generated content but also show a fair bit of professional content.

What's more, YouTube is going to do more live broadcasts. It's experimented with live footage in the past - it broadcast the whole Indian Premier League of cricket last year - but now it's going to invite more partners to broadcast events on the site, and they've launched a new Live homepage to show upcoming events that are available to watch.

So in future, it won't be TV for live events, catch-up for TV shows and YouTube for funny LOLcat videos; it'll be YouTube for all of it. Or so they hope, anyway...

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