YouTube tops online video market in UK

YouTube enjoyed a 48% share of the 3.5 billion video clips watched online in the UK in March. According to data released by comScore Video Metrix, the Google owned video sharing site recorded a staggering 1.68 billion views in the UK alone during the month of March.

BBC has recorded a significant increase in its share of the online video market since the release of the iPlayer last year. The BBC website enjoyed a 1.2% of videos viewed online in March 2008 or 42.4m views. But it is still languishing miles behind YouTube.

MySpace was in third place with 0.9% share while Dailymotion.com, Veoh.com, Disney, Viacom and Metacafe all managed a 0.4% of the online video market. The results serve to further underline YouTube's position as the unchallenged market leader in the UK's online video market.

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