YouTube - minus the rudeness

YouTube is looking at launching a new family-friendly version of the site, which has been branded SafeTube.

They launched a safety centre today that gives advice on bullying, deals with inappropriate content and the weirdos who post abuse of all stripes (you don't have to go very far to spot some racist nonsense on there, do you?), and hinted at launching a brand new site that would think about the CHILDREN, who don't want to look at rude stuff or read swear words. Oh no.

'One of the things we're looking at is whether it is possible to create a separate YouTube site, an opt-in “SafeTube" site for families,' said Victoria Grand, policy head of Youtube.

'If they are selecting to be in that experience then safety information should be front and centre because these people have self selected that this is the YouTube they want to see.

'We'd use a lot of the signals like filter words, which would be on by default, and we have things like porn filters so would figure out a way to have those on more aggressively - and a way that age restricted videos for over 18s would not appear. It would be rearranged so safety resources would be front and centre

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