YouTube gold, how to build a Lego car factory

To WebTwitcher, this YouTube video smacks of a bored daddy whose son was given a Lego set for Christmas. Disappointed at the lack of decent films on telly during the festive period and loathe to have to speak to granny while mum was finishing the turkey trimmings, he robbed his child of the educational Christmas gift, locked himself away in his room for a few days and built a fully functioning Lego car factory.

Genius - Vorsprung Durch Technik eat your heart out!

(Actually it was built by Mindstorms Autofabrik at quite considerable cost one hears, however we like the WebTwitcher version best...)

While we're on the subject of YouTube, they're advertising their new blog on the site at the moment, which you can add to your MIX page if you want to be regularly updated about cool new things from the giants of internet video.


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