YouTube goes Vuvuzela K-razy

The biggest talking point of the World Cup so far has to be the Vuvuleza – the horn like instrument that the crowd blows during every match. The incredibly loud piece of plastic has divided opinions. Some think it’s ruined the atmosphere of the game, others say it adds to the atmosphere. Either way, FIFA have said that they are part of African culture and are here to stay for the World Cup.

As far as ideas go this one has to rank up there with the worst, but some nerdlinger at YouTube has added a Vuvuzela SFX button to every one of their videos. Why, we don’t know, but if you like you can now watch your favourite music video, then with a click of the mouse have it interrupted by the ear-drum shattering sound of a swarm of giant bees.

We’re assuming the new feature is only here to stay for the duration of the World Cup, sorry, we HOPE it’s only here to stay for the duration of the World Cup. If you like the idea then all you need to do press the football icon at the bottom right hand corner of each video.

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