YouTube deletes thousands of pornographic videos

YouTube had to delete thousands of pornographic videos yesterday after the popular video sharing website was targeted by pranksters on 'Porn Day'. The Google owned site spent the day removing explicit videos which were hidden inside clips of clean cut celebrities such as Hannah Montana and the Jonas Brothers.

Members of the Japanese message board 4Chan have owned up to carrying out the prank claiming that it was in protest to YouTube's position on music copyright. One of the mischief makers spoke to the BBC: "I did it because YouTube keeps deleting music. It was part of a 4Chan raid."

YouTube made the following statement in relation to the stunt: "We were aware of yesterday's issue and removed the videos as they were brought to our attention through our flagging system, as we would any videos that violate our community guidelines. In addition, any account we discover that has been set up specifically to attack YouTube was also disabled."

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