YouTube cat phenomenon is back

Remember the cat with the baseball bat? Well he’s back in a brand new animation, baffling his owner and being impossibly cute. Every YouTube-using soul will have viewed this video within the week.

And this got us thinking.

Back in the good old days, you couldn’t surf the web for ten seconds without accidentally stumbling over porn. These days, there are enough rules and filters that you actually have to go looking.

But really cute cats? The damn things are everywhere.

From the Lolcat phenomenon, which revolutionised internet grammar , to our personal favourite – Cat of 1000 Facescats have taken over the internet. And you can’t get away from them. They pop up in windows, they purr at you from adverts, they stare at you with their big, round, offensively adorable eyes.

So Google, as much as we appreciate your adult content filter protecting us from unexpected porn, please can we have one that filters out the cats?

We can only take so much cute.

(Image: from flikr’s flickr stream)

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