yourname.london is on the way

Ah, our London pride is swelling a little at this idea. Long overshadowed by Silicon Valley in the tech stakes, despite giving the world such delights as Last.Fm and TweetDeck, London might finally win the recognition it deserves online - it's applied for its own domain name, .london.

Recently the rules on 'top level domains' were loosened up, allowing any organisation with a few hundred thousand dollars to spare to apply for a customised TLD, meaning the bit and the end of web addresses. Instead of .com or .co.uk, London businesses - and potentially people - could get a .london address. Selfridges.london? PeterJones.london? MadameTussauds.london? It's not hard to imagine the potential.

Don't hold your breath, though. As CNET reports, 'Consultations will take up to 20 months from the deadline, so it could be pushing 2014 before we see any cockerney websites... Boris Johnson, the bumbling Beano character who moonlights as Mayor of London, is working with London & Partners to identify benefits, as well as consulting London boroughs to see how they could use the domain. They're also working on a business model.'

Political editorialising notwithstanding, what that means is 'it's going to take ages and when it comes it'll cost a fortune.' The chances that you'll be able to get a dotlondon address for £10 a year like you can with a dotcom are, sadly, slim. Still, we can't help but look forward to the day when the BBC registers 'EastEnders.london' for all the world to see.

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