'You're winding me up'

Apple is one of the best companies in the world at making simple technology that ordinary people can use, right? But being good at making technology that ordinary people can use has a downside: ordinary people use your technology. And sometimes, ordinary people are dumb.

We told you last week that Apple's App Store for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch was careening towards its ten billionth download, and that the company was offering a rather fab $10,000 iTunes certificate to the user who downloaded that magic 10,000,000,000th purchase. Well, it's happened - and the lucky winner was Gail Davis, a mother from Orpington, Kent.

Gail Davis, we're reasonably comfortable guessing, is not a regular reader of Digitaledge, nor for that matter any other gadget blog. Therefore, she didn't know the App Store milestone was approaching, let alone that she was the one who stepped on it. So when someone from Apple phoned her up (Apple know your phone number! Didn't you know?) to arrange for her to receive her gift, she thought it was a wind-up - and promptly hung up on them. 'I thought it was a prank call,' she says.

Fortunately her daughters explained the competition, and Apple called again later on. The only question is what on earth someone so comparatively non-techy is going to do with $10,000 of iTunes credit...

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