You're covered

Sony's apology tour for the disastrous month-long shutdown of the PlayStation Network continues. They've already offered free games and a month's free membership of PlayStation Plus, but now Sony is offering something perhaps much more important: protection against any identity theft that might have arisen out of the hack which led to the shutdown.

They've hired Affinion, security and indentity-theft experts, to create a package of protection for PSN users. We'll let CNET explain:

The package offers free monitoring, surveillance, reporting and insurance for a year, covering fraud arising from identity theft. You'll get personal information-protection software and access to a dedicated helpline, with the service alerting you if your identity or credit cards are misused by wrong'uns.

You'll also be insured to cover expenses incurred in sorting out any identity fraud against you. As we understand it, the package covers any and all identity theft, and not just fraud arising from the PSN breach. We're confirming that with Sony and we'll keep you posted.

The full details will be available at fraudprotect.co.uk, but that's currently a holding page, so check back later for the full terms and to see what you need to do to sign up. If you're having problems, the UK customer service number is 0844 736 0595.

And with that, Sony's orgy on contrition should be complete. Are you satisfied?

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