Your web identity and how it could bite back

Are you identity aware? You may recall WebTwitcher mentioning a while back about the pros of making sure you manage your online identity properly. What did we mean exactly? Basically there are lots of social networking sites like MySpace, Facebook, Bebo and Netlog popping up left right and centre. There's Flickr, which allows the world see your photos (if you don't make them private). There's also Twitter, which, if you're using you may have noticed appears somewhat high in a Google search for yourself.

If you're building up a selection of profiles online, take care that what's available online is what you wouldn't mind your mother seeing. Or, for that matter, your current or future employer.

Take the recent scare story sweeping the web, of 27 year-old Stacy Snyder. Apparently denied a teaching degree because she posted a photo of herself on her MySpace account, the school said she “promoted underage drinking”. See the story on CNN. She is now suing the university. This seems rather ridiculous when you look at the photo in question (see link to Bokardo below). However it does raise interesting issues for anyone building profiles online.

There are some excellent hints and tips about your online identity on Joshua Porter's blog Bokardo if you want some good guidelines.


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