Your T-rays are showing!

If somebody said “You’re glowing!” we would take it as a compliment. But apparently it’s just a fact. We emit T-rays, and a new security device can detect this glow to see what’s under our clothes.

The T-ray detector gives an image of the human body. Sadly, it’s not quite up to Superman’s level of voyeurism; all that appears on the screen is a roughly human-shaped blob. But hidden metal objects appear dark, because they block the T-rays.

The device, which may be deployed in airports and train stations, is an improvement on the X-ray system, because it detects radiation we produce naturally. It doesn’t produce any harmful radiation itself.

It sounds great. But we do have one question. A metal object hidden on your body will block the T-rays, but won’t an object inside your body be surrounded by glowing tissue and totally invisible?

We feel that cavity-searches are not redundant just yet.

(Image: from aiden jones’ flickr stream)

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