Your new favourite tablet?

There's been a fair amount of innovation in the world of Android tablets: we've seen tablets with keyboards, tablets disguised as mobile phones, and tablets with 3D. But when it comes to size, things have been reasonably stratified: you have 7-inch tablets like the Samsung Galaxy Tab or HTC Flyer, and you have 10-inch tablets like the Motorola Xoom or Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1 (both of them! See previous story). But we reckon neither of these is ideal - 10 inches is too much to carry around, but 7 inches doesn't feel that much better than using a smartphone. What about if there was a sweet spot between the two? That's the spot Samsung is hoping to hit with yet another Galaxy Tab, this one dubbed the 8.9. It is, you guessed it, 8.9 inches in size, or to be more precise its screen is 8.9 inches from corner to opposite corner. That makes it small enough to take out of the house, but large enough to comfortably surf on. And with a high-res 1280x800 screen, it's packing more pixels than the iPad 2 in a smaller space. It won't be out till May, and there's no word on price yet. But if Samsung can get the price right, this could be the Android tablet for us. What about you?

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