Your MIX personalised homepage just got better

You may have noticed that your Excite MIX personalised homepage looks a little different today. That's because the technical gods here at Excite Towers have been hard at work in the bunker (beards are now at ridiculously long Gandalf lengths, not sure if they've been eating a nutritional diet either), making your new homepage even better than it was before. You now have multiple pages to play around with - hoorah!

You'll notice at the top of your MIX page there is a new tab; "Page One". This is your regular page which you've been adding your favourite content to. If you click on the New Page link next to it, you can now create a second MIX page and fill it with whatever you like. If you're new to the MIX, the tabs appear as "My Page" and "My 2nd Page".

Why is this good, you may ask? Well, considering the number of RSS feeds you can find on the web now (you only need browse briefly through the topic areas covered on WebTwitcher daily), the multipage function makes it easier for you to create and customise your homepage the way you want it. You can even name your pages for easy identification.

For example, if you want a personalised page for work related stuff, your first MIX page could contain RSS feeds from the FT, BBC Business news, live share prices etc. Then if you're a football fanatic, you could turn your second page into a shrine for your team, with their RSS feed, Sky Sports, Excite UK Sport or your favourite football blog on the page.

We're sure you'll love the new options - try it out!


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