Your iPad is evil

When you get your hands on your shiny new iPad, you’ll probably feel all smug and delighted with yourself. Yeah, look at you, on the cutting edge of technology whizzing round the web with your fancy new implement, aren’t you the daddy? But did you know that with your new gizmo your actually killing the planet, consigning your children to a life of famine, war and misery? No? Well you should be ashamed of yourself.

Greenpeace will tell you how you’re murdering millions with your toy though, so hopefully you’ll stop. Cloud computing, which includes evil devices like the iPad, as well as Google Chrome OS and Facebook, is overwhelmingly powered by coal, with disastrous effects for the environment. These companies (as well as Microsoft and Yahoo) are essentially, according to Greenpeace, baby killers, and so are you.

‘Cloud computing devices like the Apple iPad raise fresh questions about how the internet is powered and whether the IT sector will continue to fuel climate change by increasing demand for dirty coal power,’ they said. So, what will you do about it?

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