Your daily MIXtical insight for work, love and life

For all you astrologically addicted horoscope followers, you'll find a brand new widget on Excite MIX that will distract you for all of...oooooh...five minutes a day while you're sipping your morning beverage of choice in the office.

Who needs Mystic Meg when you can see into the future via RSS?

Click here to add your daily horoscope to your MIX page direct. You'll also find it nestling serenely at the bottom of the Add Content panel, alongside the handy 'Notepad' and life essential 'My Emails' widgets.

Don't forget you can read your tarot card on the MIX too. Click here if you want mystical life guidance delivered daily to your personalised start page.

WebTwitcher's horoscope today told her that there are a few more widgets up the Excite MIX development team's sleeve, which will be appearing in the very near future, so watch this space...


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