You sexy thing

It seems both the rumours were true - Apple released both a new version of its 13.3 inch MacBook Air today, and a new 11.6-inch version.

Apart from the size, they have much in common. They're both crazy thin and light, and both have a bright LED screen and the full-size glass trackpad from senior MacBooks. But the really interesting stuff is the result of Apple, in Steve Jobs' words, 'imagining what would happen if an iPad and a MacBook hooked up.'

Like an iPad, the new MacBook Airs eschew a hard drive in favour of flash memory. That means you can leave them on standby for a whole month, and switch it back on instantly at any time. Flash-only might sound limiting, but the range goes up to a whopping 256GB, more than on most netbook hard drives.

Tempted? Like most Macs, it's a bit pricey - it starts at £849. But it's available now, so hey, if you're cash-rich, go have fun.

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