You got game?

So you got game, huh? Think you’re pretty nifty with a wiimote, eh? Well, Volvo – yes, the not-so-exciting Swedish car manufacturer – is looking for skilled gamers to find out who’s the ultimate… human joystick.

Anyone at the 8.30pm show of Ratatouille this Saturday – at 12 Cineworld multiplexes across the country – gets to take part. The aim is to guide a car on-screen around an all-terrain course… by waving your arms in the air (like you don’t care). There’s an on-screen score, so you can see how you’re getting on.

So, if you’re planning on going to see Ratatouille in Nottingham, Wandsworth, Bolton, Sheffield, Chesterfield, Cardiff, Brighton, Ipswich, Edinburgh, Stevenage, Birmingham or West India Quay this weekend, make sure you take your game.

(Image: from misocrazy’s Flickr stream) 

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