Yoshi's grand entrance

Yes, yes, yes, we know by now you must be bored with all these Super Mario Galaxy 2 videos, and having to read us saying the same thing over and over again about how the format of them is just annoying and that, but it’s an important game, and we are providing you with a service, are we not? Exactly.

This time we get a brief look at how everyone’s favourite green dinosaur Yoshi is used by the chunky video game legend, and he seems to have an important role to play this time out (certainly more important than the first game, where he didn’t feature). Not only does he have his own power ups, including the Blimp Fruit, which makes him turn blue and float, controlling him is apparently a ‘joy’, according to reviews. The video also give us a nice little look at how the 2D sections of the game will look, and we must say that we’re very impressed indeed.

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