Yes, we inhaled

When you think of GPS, the first things you normally associate it with are cars, or boats, or even high tech things like aeroplanes and the like. However, we bet you've never heard of a asthma inhaler with GPS installed before, have you? No, of course you haven't.

Well that's about to change, as we tell you all about an American academic who has been – yes – using an asthma inhaler with GPS installed in it in order to find the riskiest locations across the globe for asthma, as well as track the triggers of the illness.

Scientist David Van Sickle has handed out this inhalers to asthma sufferers, and every time they need to take a puff the GPS registers it. Nifty eh? Not only that, but the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention in the US are now funding the experiment, so it could very well be on the shelves within the next few years. Van Sickle is certainly happy about it.

'It will allow us to better target public-health interventions to the places and times when people are really suffering.' See?

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