It’s almost time to put strap on your Stetson and start blasting those hand cannons, and we’re already faking daft American accents and growing bad designer stubble so we can look as badass as Clint Eastwood. Why’s that, you ask? Well, pardnah, it’s because Red Dead Redemption’s release is drawing ever close, and also because Rockstar have been kind enough to release yet another of their delightful trailers. Of course, we have plonked the video below for your enjoyment.

This time round Rockstar have gone into more detail about how the multiplayer for the game is going to work, and there are a rather decent number of game modes and maps to make the game very entertaining for those who want to yell YEE-HAW while popping shotgun shells in the backs of those filthy varmints. Check it out.

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