Yay! Futurama's back!

We love Futurama, and we’re very happy that Comedy Central took the plunge in bringing it back to our (well, Americans’) TV screens. The first episode aired last night, and if you’re a fan of Apple products you’re in for a hell of a battering; the episode ‘Attack Of The Killer App’ takes very, very sharp digs at both the environmental cost of our obsession with technology and the pathetic nature of our lust for cool design.

The first clip is actually rather poignant, as the gang take a trip to ‘The Third World’, where our waste is burned, the environment is shot to bits and children are playing in rubbish that we’ve created. Meanwhile, at the launch of Mom’s eyephone (video courtesy of Engadget), she talks about sending threatening emails to third party developers, while Fry ignores all the terrible things the clerk tells him with a aggressive cry of ‘SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!’ It’s funny because it’s true.

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