The internet, as the puppets of Avenue Q sang, is for porn. A search for a seemingly innocent phrase - like, 'German sausage' or 'melons' - can bring up all sorts of filthy links. So much so, that engines like Google use 'safesearch' technology to let you filter out filth.

But imagine if every search - whatever it was for - generated an avalanche of filth? That might seem like the best search engine ever, but not if you're easily offended, or at work. Well, this happened, for a while, yesterday on Yahoo's homepage. Gizmodo reports that at about 9pm Tuesday night New York time - that's about 1am Wednesday UK time - every search on Yahoo's home page generated a link to some manner or other of filthy flesh-site.

Of course, Yahoo quickly fixed the bug, with help from Microsoft, whose Bing search engine actually provides the results of Yahoo searches. There's lots of speculation that the bug might have been the work of a disgruntled fomer Yahoo employee, as the company made a bunch of people redundant that very morning. We can't help but wish they'd been a little bit less on top of things and left it up long enough for us to have a look...

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