Save big in Ireland with Xtra Vision phones

Having made their name in the movie rental business, Xtra Vision is now widely regarded as one of Ireland's top retail outlets for TVs, Blu Ray players, movies, video games and video game accessories, consumer electronics and mobile phones.

The company now boasts one hundred and eighty six stores across the country, employing more than one thousand four hundred part time and full time staff. Now owned by Irish company Birchhall Investments, Xtra Vision is seeking to push its presence in the phone market to an even greater extent as it goes head to head with the likes of The Carphone Warehouse for market dominance.

With a wide range of phones from all the major Irish mobile service providers including E Mobile, Meteor, O2 and Vodafone, the company now finds itself well placed to launch an all out attack to secure its place at the top of the pile.

With handsets from some of the top manufacturers in the business including Samsung and Nokia, the range of Xtra Vision phones on offer is one of the strongest on the market right now. With prices starting as low as €29.99 for the E Mobile Nokia 1616, there is sure to be something on offer for all budgets.

Other notable deals include the Nokia C5 for €149.99 or €99.99 when you trade in an old handset, the Nokia 5230 for €129.99 or €99.99 with your old handset, the Meteor Samsung Europa i5500 for just €99.99 and our pick of the bunch, the bargain Meteor Samsung C3300 Mini touch screen phone for an astonishing €49.99.

With great bargains available every week, it pays to keep your eye on your local store, or the Xtra Vision website at xtravision.ie.

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