XTC M8 - monster sound systems

For many people, driving is so much more than a convenient method of getting from A to B. It can be a terrific way to enjoy your leisure time. A great sound system can complement your drive, with booming XTC M8 speakers providing a fantastic wall of sound. Get these installed, get into gear, and taking to the open road will never have seemed to much fun!

Speakers for the perfect soundtrack

As car designs continue to develop, the sound systems being installed are evolving all the time. Your grandparents might recall the perils of cassettes getting jammed on those long cross-country hauls - but these days drivers face a whole new minefield of issues when considering system installation. How much bass boost is there? What are the low frequency variables? How will the graphic equalizer cope with my latest downloads?

XTC M8 speakers have long been looked at as amongst the most effective (sonically and economically) that money can buy. If you want an idea of the power and range of a typical XTC M8 system, then how about this for the spec:-

Source - Mobile

Digital specifications - Class D, linkable amp

Boost levels - Bass, variable low

Pass - 12,500 watt / 2 ohm

The XTC speaker has a sleek, contemporary outer face which will look ideal in any setting. Unlike many bass-heavy amplifiers, which eschew classic design features in favour of provide a booming noise-channeling dish, the M8 is encased in an attractive metallic grey box.

The speaker itself resembles a precision lens - as you listen to your favourite sounds blasting from this system, you could almost imagine that the beautifully arranged series of circles are centered a camera. This is an apt analogy for such a clean, striking (and kicking) audio system!

Safety precautions

While the XTC M8 is simply crying out for you to crank up the volume on your dashboard control, and letting rip with the soundtrcak of your choice - whether that's pop, metal, house or techno - remember there's a time and place for everything. The optimum location for unleashing the power if this audio system is when you're out on the open road - when there are less distractions, and fellow road users, than on an urban drive.

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