Xperia Play officially announced

So after months of furious denials and stony silence on the so-called ‘PlayStation Phone’ AKA Xperia Play, Sony have finally gone official and admitted that they are bringing it out. Which is just as well given we’ve been watching videos of the thing in action for weeks now; we were starting to think it was some sort of elaborate hoax.

We’re not entirely sure what Sony is playing at releasing the Xperia Play when it has the NGP coming out by the end of the year; it feels like they’re not quite sure where they want to go in the mobile market, so are just going at it in every direction.

The news was released through Sony Ericsson on Facebook, and an advert was placed during the Super Bowl last night; if you haven’t seen it take a look below. It’s a bit creepy. Expect to hear more news on 13 February.

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