Remember the Motorola Xoom? It was the great white hope of Apple haters, the tablet that was supposed to finally give the iPad a run for its money, packing the new 'Honeycomb' edition of Google's Android and impressive specs in its 10.1in frame. But it was expensive, and Honeycomb was kind of buggy, and it didn't sell well. You can still buy one now, but at a hefty discount from the original cost.

Well, Motorola obviously have more incentive than ever to try to make Android tablets work, given that they're about to be taken over by the company that makes Android, Google. So it's not hugely surprising that leaked images show a Xoom 2 is being prepared for release. What is surprising is that there appears to be not one Xoom 2, but two - one aping the original's 10.1-in screen, the other going for a more svelte 8.2-in frame. According to Engadget's sources, the tablets will both have 4G in the USA and are as impressively thin as an iPad 2.

On the downside, it seems the Xoom 2 and 'Xoom 2 Media Edition,' the purported name for the smaller of the pair, will run Android 3.2. This seems a shame, since Android 4.0, reportedly intended to unify the tablet and phone versions of Android, is believed to be around the corner from release.

Will the new Xooms sell? That depends in large part on cost. Hopefully, Motorola have found a way to sell them for less than the iPad. If they cost the same or more than Apple's blockbuster, Motorola shouldn't hold their breath for a smash hit.

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