Xoom Xoom Xoom

The wait is finally almost over. We had the false start of the Samsung Galaxy Tab, which didn't really cut the mustard; and we've had to watch the US get its hands on it weeks ago. But now, finally, the first decent Android tablet - the first one from a major manufacturer running the new tablet-friendly 'Honeycomb' version of Android - has a UK release date.

Well, a release window at least: this week. The UK press has its review copies, and pre-orders have begun. Moreover, we know the official price: £580 for the 3G edition with 32GB of storage, and a mere £480 for the wi-fi version. That compares pretty favourably with equivalent specs of the iPad.

We can't help but feel Motorola should bring out a 16GB version in order to match the iPad's sexy £399 starting rate. Who needs more than that, anyway? If you're on wi-fi you can stream everything, right? Perhaps from Google's rumoured new online music service?

Anywho. If you're a Jobs-hater or you just want certain things only Android can offer,at least you won't pay a price premium now.

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