Xbox Project Natal astounds us all

Next up for those Xbox 360 lovers out there. If you haven't already seen all the hype about Microsoft's attempt to depose the Wii as family friendly party time festival of fun, then they've given us the best example ever at E3.

They've announced Project Natal to the world, a full body motion sensor with absolutely no need for any type of controller whatsoever. This means that you can throw real punches and kicks, but even better than that it scans objects, recognises faces, understands voices and can even feel emotions. It's absolutely mental, and the video with Mylo is one of the most exciting things we've ever seen.

We would love to be able to link to this video directly, but we can't. But rest assured that it's absolutely staggering what you're about to see. Check out the link below to Electric Pig below.

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