Xbox One update: Microsoft aware of the issue

The latest Xbox One update has created lots of new functionality to the gaming system but it’s created a few problems of its own. After the February update, players now have the ability to delete game application and game saved data. The update also uprated UI for accessing friends, messages and achievements and there were improvements to NAT detection and Blu-Ray quality among other changes.

The latest update may have added some functionality, but it’s also brought along an annoying habit of black screening after the system powers up. Frustrated gamers on Reddit and the Xbox forum have been making their feelings known.

Thankfully, Microsoft is now aware of the issue and they’ve worked out a solution to it. Microsoft’s marketing department have been on Twitter using the official Xbox Support Twitter channel to tell users that they only have to “power cycle” their Xbox One to fix the issue. This is done by holding down the power button for 10 seconds.

That sounds simple enough to us but that hasn’t appeased some users, particularly those who got the Xbox One “black screen” during their Titanfall beta gameplay sessions. That must have been pretty inconvenient and a bit annoying, but at least the problem wasn’t too widespread and Titanfall users can go back to playing the beta game, at least until tomorrow (Feb 19). The beta version was initially going to wrap up today, but a tweet from the game’s developer’s Respawn (via Game Informer) on Feb 17 announced an additional day.

The first-person shooter won’t be made available in the UK until March 14, so those lucky enough to get involved with the beta version will have a month’s head start on the rest of us. The beta version includes three games: a team deathmatch called “Attrition”, a control point game called “Hardpoint Domination”, and “Last Titan Standing” a mode with no respawns which ends when only one team has players left alive.

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