Xbox One News: New Zealand Xbox Under Water in Shark Tank

This has to rate as one of the best marketing ploys we’ve seen for any computer console. Microsoft has submerged an Xbox One in a tank of sharks in New Zealand. This particular Xbox will be the first one sold to anyone in the world. Thanks to the international date line, New Zealand will be the first country to get their hands on the next generation console and they’re going to an extreme length to protect it.

The resting place for the Xbox One is Kelly Tarlton's Sea Life Aquarium in Auckland and for the next nine days the public will get the chance to see the device before its official launch. The tank’s other occupants are 20 sand tiger sharks. They’re probably not all that interested in the new Xbox One but they might make a meal out of the Perspex box it’s housed in.

Their reputation for hunting is pretty well known and as these seven-gill beasts hunt in pack perhaps the Xbox will be in several pieces before the November 22nd launch date. Just before the launch the submerged machine will be taken out of the water and will find a home with the very first Xbox One owner during the official New Zealand Xbox One launch when it will be handed over at a minute after midnight.

If you’re interested in the new console, it’ll hit stores in the UK on November 22nd and the Xbox One price has been set at £429.00. The price is £80 more than the PS4 will cost but the Xbox will be available a week before the latest offering from Sony. Part of the difference in the cost compared to the PS4 has to be the motion-capturing Kinect controller that's bundled with every Xbox One. The digital copy of FIFA 14 that also comes with every Xbox One will be great for sales but we're not sure that the additional equipment, the free game or the marketing trickery will do enough to put people off buying the PS4.

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