Xbox One Global Launch

Xbox One has hit the shops today so there will probably be queues of people in every high street waiting to get their hands on the first examples of Microsoft’s next-generation console.

London’s Leicester Square has been rebranded in honour of the Xbox One’s launch, so for a while it will be known as “Xbox One Square”. The heart of London’s West End has a massive 3D image of the console’s green “X” logo and Microsoft are promising “surprise performances” along with some “celebrity appearances”.

This is a machine that’s in far more demand than industry experts predicted. So much so that Amazon’s European section is predicting that it will be the fastest selling console of all time. They’ve posted the following message onto their website:

“Due to high demand, customers who ordered this Xbox One Standard Edition console from August 15th may receive their console after release date. Orders placed up to and including August 14th will be dispatched to meet the release date. Orders placed from November 13th may not be delivered before Christmas.”

Last week we brought you the first Xbox One, a machine that was dropped into a tiger shark infested tank in Kelly Tarlton's Sea Life Aquarium in Auckland, New Zealand. That one was the first to be delivered because New Zealand is ahead of other countries on the international date line, but the media stunt probably wasn’t necessary as the new Xbox ups the game. Its ability to quickly switch between different applications makes it more usable than the Xbox 360 and the improved Kinect controller that tracks body motion and understands voice commands, is a major step up from the device found on the 360.

The new machine is priced £429.00, which is £80 more than the PS4. A motion-capture Kinect controller and a digital copy of FIFA 14 are bundled with the Xbox One but we’re not sure if the extras will be enough to win the battle with the PS4 that comes out next week.

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