Does Xbox One need a faster internet?

So you just got yourself an Xbox One and are in the process of configuring it so you can have a seamless gaming experience. The console can be used with or without hooking to the internet. But when online connection is needed, does the Xbox One require a faster internet? We explore the answer below.

Discover the console

The Xbox One consistently delivers a solid gaming experience. It is laden with cool features so you can interact with it flawlessly.

  • Easily accessible

Your Xbox One can be accessed from any machine so there is no need to worry that you can’t play your favourite games when you’re at a friend’s house.

  • Versatile

When it comes to controlling the game, you have the choice whether you will use Kinect or Controller. A lot depends, of course, on the type of game or app you are using. However, there are many ways to interact and create a unique Xbox One experience whether it’s through gestures, remote control or controller.

  • All in one entertainment system

It’s not only games that you can play on your device. Your Xbox One can also be used to communicate with others through Xbox Live Gold. Use it as a messaging system or Skype with friends and family. Watch your favourite movies and shows as well as listen to music you love.

  • Connectivity

The beauty of Xbox One is, you can use the platform with or without internet. But, to get important updates and bug fixes, you need to connect your device to the net. Whilst you are playing your favourite game, Xbox One needs a faster internet so it can add new features and content to make your gaming system perform seamlessly.

Check our internet speed

Yes, your Xbox One needs a faster internet so you can update your system quicker and continue to play a seamless game. To achieve this, you need a fully functioning broadband connection with at least 1.5Mbps download/upload speed. Check your internet connection to see if you have reasonable bandwidth. Several softwares also exist designed to verify your speed such as Speedtest.net, Testmy.net and Testmyspeed.com.

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