Xbox Live Sky Player - video leaked

Some new video footage of Xbox Live’s new Sky Player has been leaked onto YouTube, and with most tech sites refusing to say whether they think that this is the real deal or a hoax (what with the anonymous source saying ‘This is only representative of what Tuesday's launch could look like’), we’re willing to stick out necks out and say that seeing as it’s only three days before the launch of the service, this is probably how it’s going to work.

If Xbox Live's latest new add-on does work as it does in the video below, then colour us impressed. Through a whole eight minutes of footage we see how you can select from a whole raft of content, including documentaries, news, sport, music, and anything else you might like to watch, regardless of if it’s live or On Demand. The interface looks very nicely laid out and you can select channels in the same way you can with a proper Sky box. Very tidy. This video might be enough to get the DigitalEdge seal of approval.

If it looks entirely different come release day, sue us, yeah?

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