Xbox Live Sky Player - it will be coming

So the whole Sky Player fiasco carries on. If you read these pages regularly you’ll be well aware of just how mental the launch of the app on Xbox Live was, especially if you bothered to try and make it work. The sheer number of people trying to download and get the thing working caused it to fall over, so the launch had to be abandoned, much to the chagrin of customers and most likely Sky.

Since then Sky has looked for a way to bring the app back to life, and has settled on this method: a staggered roll out whereby Sky add people to their service gradually until everyone who wants the service has it.

If you already signed up to Sky Player then you should already have some messages from Sky telling you what to do, and they will apparently keep you posted directly through Xbox Live, so keep ‘em peeled and hopefully you too can settle down to Cardiff v Sheffield United someday soon.

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