Wondering which Xbox game to pick up?

The Xbox 360 has perhaps the greatest library of games ever assembled on a single gaming platform. No matter what your favourite genre of games is, this brilliant console has you well covered!

Everyone knows about all the famous games, the likes of Call of Duty, Gears of War, and the Halo series, but there's also a world of underrated gems out there for the Xbox 360.

If you're looking for a new Xbox game to play that may have passed you by, we'd like to suggest you check out the Sega published Bayonetta. This game has been out for a while now, and should be available for a very reasonable price.

Bayonetta is a game centred around a witch who is striving to find out details of her mysterious past. Along the way she has to fight through hordes of heavenly beings as she aims to remember her past, and defeat enemies who stalk her every move.

The game is a classic entry into the "hack and slash" genre, and expands on the much loved formula set down by games such as Devil May Cry and, to a lesser extent, Dynasty Warriors.

It's possible to play the game using just one button on the two easiest settings. If you want the full experience though, we don't recommend this! If you're a fan of big set piece boss battles, then this is also the game for you! You'll face at least five screen filling bosses that can take quite a while to beat! Unfortunately if you die near the end of these lengthy battles, you'll be put right back to the start! This kind of unforgiving gameplay is the perfect antidote to modern "too-easy" games.

If, like a lot of gamers, this gem of a title escaped your attention, then make sure you snap it up and enjoy this fantastic game.

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