The Guide to Buying Xbox Consoles

There is the Elite, The slim, The Arcade, Kinect, The 250GB, 4GB or 120GB they all come with different games and different accessories which of the many xbox consoles is right for you?

Many people (especially parents) find it daunting to purchase an Xbox console for their son or daughter there is just so much choice out there these days. A bundle for every pay check and every type of gamer. The staff at game shops can often come off as aloof to say the least so it is best to go out there equipped with the information you need to buy the right xbox console.

The Xbox consoles can be divided into two categories: the old models (Arcade, Elite) and the new (Slim and Kinect). The older models have a shorter lifespan due to their less durable motherboard so while they appear cheaper they will need to be replaced sooner then the others.

The Slim model is a thing of beauty with a glossy black finish and touch buttons for powering on and ejecting disks. It looks great next to the Kinect and under your Flatscreen TV while the older models are showing their age in terms of design.

Once you have decided on which of those two you want to go for you need to pick a size. The xbox comes with a variety of hard drives, 4 GB or 250 GB. If, like me you will be downloading a lot of games from Microsoft's excellent marketplace you will want the 250 GB version for storing them all, but if you are a casual gamer and just want the device for the odd Kinect game then a 4GB xbox console model should suffice.



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