xbox bundles aren't as expensive as you might think

When searching to buy xbox bundles, you will be amazed at the amount of different bundles and deals being offered by different retailers. These bundles can come in all sizes and it all depends on how much you are willing to spend. If planning on buying a new xbox, buying it as part of a bundle is definitely the best for value.

Argos.co.uk has excellent deals available both online and also if you call into any branch which is found on most high streets throughout the UK. One bundle that they are currently selling is the elegant, black, gloss-finished xbox with a massive 250GB hard drive. Also included within this xbox bundle is one of three game packs which you can choose yourself. A control pad is also included. This deal is available for only £199.98 and can be ordered with free delivery through argos.co.uk using the unique catalogue number 926/3910

If you are looking for a bundle with more games to choose from, why not upgrade and choose any 6 selected games. The price of this bundle is £249.96.

Argos also offer discounted xbox essentials within their xbox bundles. For example, why not purchase a Bush 2m gold plated HDMI Cable which you can get for half price when purchased with any bundle available. Also available for half price with the purchase of a new console are Fifa 2011, Medal of Honour or Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit.

Check out argos.co.uk for all information and to find a bundle that suits you!

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